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The H3 family of Harts Turbochargers. 

The H3 series turbocharger is currently the smallest frame size in the Harts Turbo family and unrivaled in the market in performance and innovation. 

These units feature Billet Aluminum bearing housing, backplates, and compressor wheels that are manufactured in house. 

Compressor wheels are available in:

  • 65mm

  • 68mm

  • 72mm

  • 76mm

  • 82mm. 

Currently the H3 is only available with a 75mm turbine wheel. 

Racers can choose between four different T4 divided turbine housings:

  • 1.44 A/R

  • 1.28 A/R

  • 1.14 A/R

  • 1.00 A/R. 

Our H3 family of turbochargers also feature Harts Proprietary Dual Angular Hydrodynamic Ceramic Ball Bearing System. 

*Turbo Shaft Speed sensor can be added as an additional option.

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