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The H4 family of Harts Turbochargers. Applicable to X275, Ultra Street, LDR (Twin Setup), Promodified and more!

The H4 series turbochargers are built using billet aluminum bearing housing, backplates, and compressor wheels that are manufactured in-house. 

Harts Turbo offers eight compressor wheel sizes: 

  • 85mm

  • 88mm

  • 94mm

  • 98mm

  • 102mm

  • 106mm

  • 110mm

  • 114mm

Contact us to properly match your compressor wheel to engine displacement. 

Harts Turbo offers three turbine wheel options: 

  • 103mm

  • 113mm

  • 121mm 

We offer several turbine housings in order to fit your specific application, see those options below or contact us for assistance in choosing the right combination. 

Our H4 family of turbochargers also feature Harts proprietary Dual Angular Hydrodynamic Ceramic Ball Bearing System. 

*Turbo Shaft Speed sensor can be added as an additional option.

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