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The newest addition to the Harts family, the Harts Charger is a billet, centrifugal supercharger machined and constructed completely in-house. The Harts Charger draws upon compressor technology from our multi-championship, record setting turbochargers. Available in 136mm and 140mm


  • Max Impeller RPM 80,000 

  • Harts Proprietary Quad Angular Hydrodynamic Ceramic Ball Bearing System  

  • Low Impact Crank Drive System 

  • Pressure fed oiling system 

  • 13.5” Volute Diameter 

  • 4000 HP capable 

  • Exducer 184mm 

  • Internal Step up ratio 4.77 

  • Weight: 88lbs 

  • Available in 136mm and 140mm 

  • 24.120 overall length without bell 

  • In-house developed and machined crank-driven gear box with multiple ratios available 

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